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Your favorite sports entertainment just got a whole lot more exciting! ZOME’s smart home technology gives you better than front row tickets to see teams or athletes in action. From the comfort of your home you and the whole gang will enjoy unparalleled audio and visual quality.

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Never Miss a Moment

Sports fanatics rejoice! You will never have to worry about missing a moment of your favorite team or athlete in action. ZOME’s smart home system allows you to conveniently pause and rewind all the big moments to relive them again and again.

No phone call, snack break or conversation will ever come between you and the game. Simply rewind, replay and catch up. So go ahead and invite over the whole rowdy crew. Your smart home system will always deliver the best vantage point to please any sports fanatic.

Smart Phone Controlling Sports on TV
Enjoy sports like never before with Zome Home Theater Installations Lancaster PA

Complete Climate Control

Some like it hot, some like it cold. In your smart home you get to have it however you want, all with a touch of a button! No matter the weather outside, you know you will be viewing the game in complete comfort, thanks to Folkes Home Services.

You can set your smart home to cool down as things get heated. Do you want the room a little cooler than the rest of your home so you can sport your favorite jersey? No problem! ZOME’s smart home products connect to your zone heating to allow you to control the temperature from the same device you control the TV volume.

Share the Experience

In your ZOME™ smart home, you can give everyone the gift of “front row tickets” by inviting them over to experience the game from your home theatre. With far more convenience and far less cost, the whole gang can watch the game together from seats that are way better than those bleachers.

Turn your sports experience into a party with music and lighting you can easily turn up during commercial breaks and turn down during the game. While you might not be able to control the outcome of the game, you can control just about everything else in your smart home.

Connect your video games to your home theater system by Zome Smart Home Systems

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Certified Installation

Creating a home theatre is more affordable and accessible than ever before. Whether you’re a movie buff, sports fanatic or gamer, the ZOME™ home theatre experience will make your home the destination for professional-quality, smart entertainment.

Certified Installation

You will have peace of mind knowing every piece of your smart home system is installed by our trained and certified staff. We help you learn how to use every feature and are readily available to answer your questions and troubleshoot your issues.

Smart Hub

Life is better when things work together. A ZOME™ Smart Hub by Control4 works with nearly 10,000 third-party devices. You can count on your system to control virtually anything and everything in your home.

We Make Having A Smart Home Easy

Have one of our highly-trained system designers review your specific smart home goals or get expert answer to any of your smart home questions.