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Bring Hollywood Home

You’ll never want to step foot in a movie theatre once you’ve experience the luxury and convenience of a ZOME™ home theatre. You will see all your favorite movies like never before with crystal clear video and audio quality combined with the convenience of ultimate control.

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Advanced Technology

The modern day home theatre is unlike anything you have experienced. The latest technology takes things to a whole new level to deliver superior video and audio quality that is extremely user-friendly. ZOME works with you every step of the way to create a home theatre customized to your style and preferences.

Based on your lifestyle and how you plan to use your home theatre, we will design a solution that delivers everything you want to get out of your space. From a simple configuration to a theatre that could host a Hollywood viewing, we have the tools and technology to create it.

Control4 installation in lancaster PA by Zome Smart home systems
Home theater installation by Zome Smart Home Systems

Everything Just How You Like It

Everyone likes things just a little bit different in their home theatre. You can choose to automate your lighting, window coverings, audio, temperature and various other features to make the space your perfect escape.

Best of all, these preferences can be tailored to every audience. Whether you’re sharing the space with family or friends, you can make them feel completely comfortable by adjusting the features in your home theatre to fit their preferences.

Share the Experience

In your ZOME™ smart home, you can give everyone the gift of “front row tickets” by inviting them over to experience the game from your home theatre. With far more convenience and far less cost, the whole gang can watch the game together from seats that are way better than those bleachers.

Turn your sports experience into a party with music and lighting you can easily turn up during commercial breaks and turn down during the game. While you might not be able to control the outcome of the game, you can control just about everything else in your smart home.

Friends watching a movie

Let’s Design the Smart Home of Your Dreams!

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System Design

Your home is unique, and your smart home systems should be too. We work with you to design a custom solution to deliver exactly what you want from your home. Whether you value comfort and relaxation, safety and security, or you want it all, we will guide you to the right system design to fit your lifestyle.

Certified Installation

You will have peace of mind knowing every piece of your smart home system is installed by our trained and certified staff. We help you learn how to use every feature and are readily available to answer your questions and troubleshoot your issues.

Smart Hub

Life is better when things work together. A ZOME™ Smart Hub by Control4 works with nearly 10,000 third-party devices. You can count on your system to control virtually anything and everything in your home.

We Make Having A Smart Home Easy

Have one of our highly-trained system designers review your specific smart home goals or get expert answer to any of your smart home questions.