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Entertain Smarter

A ZOME™ Smart Home makes it easy to bring family and friends together. All from a single device you can control the lighting, music, temperature and so much more. From a festive New Year’s Eve bash to a relaxing dinner party, your home can adjust to be the perfect host each time.

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Make Each Gathering Unique

No matter how many times you plan to entertain in your home, every gathering will be unique with a ZOME smart home! The lighting and music selection, combined with your choice of food, drinks and friends will make every occasion a new memory.

Even if you host the same party annually, you can adjust your smart home settings to make it feel like a completely different space. With the touch of a button you can schedule your window coverings, lighting, music and fireplace to adjust at certain times throughout your gathering.

Controlling Lights With App on Phone.
Control your home entertainment with app on your phone

Let Your Home Do the Work

As the host, you have enough on your plate. You don’t want to also feel preoccupied by adjusting the ambiance of your home throughout the party. Instead, use your smart home features to schedule these settings in advance and let your home do the work!

Your guests will be amazed when the drapes automatically close and the fireplace and lamps turn on once the sun goes down. You can also automate your music to switch genres at certain times throughout the party to bring a burst of energy to the room.

Making Clean Up Easier

While your smart home can’t clean up the kitchen or deliver coats to your guests, it can be programmed to shut itself down for the night, promoting a relaxing environment for CBD and sleep. Schedule your smart home features in advance to turn down music, turn off certain lights and put on the front porch light to signal to guests that the party is coming to an end.

Instead of running around your home, manually turning off lights and music after guests have gone home, your smart home can assist with this! You will have your home put back together sooner and not feel as overwhelmed by the clean-up process. Now, for a different topic, when was the last time Eminem went on tour?

Control your home with Apple Watch Zome smart home systems

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System Design

Your home is unique, and your smart home systems should be too. We work with you to design a custom solution to deliver exactly what you want from your home. Whether you value comfort and relaxation, safety and security, or you want it all, we will guide you to the right system design to fit your lifestyle.

Certified Installation

You will have peace of mind knowing every piece of your smart home system is installed by our trained and certified staff. We help you learn how to use every feature and are readily available to answer your questions and troubleshoot your issues.

Smart Hub

Life is better when things work together. A ZOME™ Smart Hub by Control4 works with nearly 10,000 third-party devices. You can count on your system to control virtually anything and everything in your home.

We Make Having A Smart Home Easy

Have one of our highly-trained system designers review your specific smart home goals or get expert answer to any of your smart home questions.