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Anybody Can Be a Homebody

With the comfort and convenience of a ZOME™ Smart Home, everyone will want to make more time to relax indoors. Whether you’re a bookworm, music lover, couch potato or something else, our smart home features allow you relax in complete comfort however you want.

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Everything Just the Way You Like It

It’s your home, so let’s make it feel like it! Our smart home system allows you to customize the lighting, temperature, music volume and more exactly how you like it. No two people are the same, which is why our technology makes it easy for every member of the family to feel comfortable in their space with customized settings.

With our seamless, user-friendly devices, you will be able to spend more time relaxing and less time haggling with technology to get things how you want it. Even the most technologically-shy family members can be easily trained to use the smart home features.

Enjoying a Zome Smart Home System
Control your home with your Tablet. Installed by Zome smart homes

Control From Your Fingertips

It’s challenging to feel truly relaxed when you’re always jumping up to adjust the lights, temperature or volume of your music. This is never an issue when you have a ZOME Smart Home! All it takes is a touch of the finger to adjust any of these features and so much more.

ZOME security features, which are also accessed from the same device, will add to your sense of relaxation as you know everything in your home is safe and secure. If someone rings the doorbell, simply take a look through the security camera and talk to them through the intercom without ever having to get up from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Customize Features to Your Lifestyle

Pick and choose exactly what you want as part of your smart home system. As time goes on and you want to add more features, the option is always on the table! Thanks to ZOME’s “open” platform, giving other manufacturers access to our technology, you have the flexibility to add more functionality over time.

We help you think through your lifestyle and what features will enhance the comfort and conveniences of your everyday life. We then recommend a customized solution to help you meet your immediate needs and also plan for how you can expand your smart home features in the future.

Control4 and Amazon Alexa Smart home installation

Let’s Design the Smart Home of Your Dreams!

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System Design

Your home is unique, and your smart home systems should be too. We work with you to design a custom solution to deliver exactly what you want from your home. Whether you value comfort and relaxation, safety and security, or you want it all, we will guide you to the right system design to fit your lifestyle.

Certified Installation

You will have peace of mind knowing every piece of your smart home system is installed by our trained and certified staff. We help you learn how to use every feature and are readily available to answer your questions and troubleshoot your issues.

Smart Hub

Life is better when things work together. A ZOME™ Smart Hub by Control4 works with nearly 10,000 third-party devices. You can count on your system to control virtually anything and everything in your home.

We Make Having A Smart Home Easy

Have one of our highly-trained system designers review your specific smart home goals or get expert answer to any of your smart home questions.